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Supremacy 5vs5

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Supremacy 5vs5 Empty Supremacy 5vs5

Message par MajorDaan48 le Jeu 23 Avr 2015, 17:04

Supremacy 5vs5 The_de10

General Concept:

Supremacy is a 5v5 game mode taking elements form Domination and Conquest, in an Arena like map. This mode can be played in different playstyles that may suit both fans of Dominion and Arena. The goal is to take all of the souls that enemy team has, which is best achieved by gaining map control.

Gameplay Explanation:

Supremacy has 2 lanes splitting the map into 3 "jungle" sections. The lanes are much more open then those in Conquest. On each lane there are 3 Obelisks that work in a similar way to the Sand Guardians in Domination. Next to each Obelisk there is a Sentry helping the team controlling the Obelisk. Each team also has 1 Guardian per lane that works in a similar way to the phoenixes. Between both lanes for each team there is an altar. Altars could be used for storing souls, gaining back health and mana, and for stealing souls from the enemy Soul Forge. Speaking of that, at both ends of each lane there is the Soul Forge, a large structure storing the souls. If allied minions step into the soul forge, the enemy team loses souls. Once the soul count reaches 0, the team loses.

Supremacy 5vs5 Suprem10

Detailed Gameplay Explanation:

everything new from last revision is marked in red

Map layout:

There are 2 lanes (left and right), they are more open then the lanes on Conquest
There are 3 obelisks on each lane, and each of them has a Sentry
There is a boss at the center of the map


Capturing an Obelisk rewards gold and XP for the entire team
They start off neutral and need to be captured, they work the same way Sand Guardians work on Domination – there is no particular order on how to capture them
Obelisks are easy to destroy if left alone, yet they regenerate health quickly when not in combat – they heal out of combat so gods can switch lanes/gank/jungle easier
When an obelisk is destroyed it can’t be recaptured by the team previously holding it for 1 minute – that means if creeps destroy your obelisk while you ware jungling, its lost.
When an obelisk is destroyed all minions in its proximity die - both ally and enemy! this is to avoid a single creepwave from taking a whole lane if left alone or using your low health obelisks to "push" those of the enemy
Upon destruction obelisks drop 2 souls - if not picked up quickly they fade away (see below)
Next to each Obelisk there is a neutral creep camp. It has a single creep, named Sentry. It respawns every 2nd wave. The Sentry joins your minion weave once your Warlord (see below) passes the Obelisk, otherwise it stays at the Obelisk for additional defence. Sentries are very strong, 2 of them are able to take a whole minon weave on their own.


There is a Guardian at the begining and end of each lane
They act the same way as Phoenixes with a faster respawn timer and lower total health
Upon destruction, the guardians get active again 30 seconds after not having any enemies in their attack range
Guardians "revive" at full health
Untill destroyed, the guardians will be attacked by minions
The guardians cannot be captured and have team alignment

Souls and Creeps:

Each god can pick up a soul when walking though it – in all cases the souls are dropped the same way Cupid drops his hearts in the “Share the Love” abillity, you can use gods who are less likely to die to carry the souls
Each god can carry no more then 4 souls
Carrying 3 or 4 souls grants the enemy team vision over a god (gives no vision on stealthed gods!)
Gods carrying souls can’t recall – so you can’t just pick up a few souls and safely and quickly recall back to base to keep them safe
When killed, a god drops all of the souls he/she is carrying
Each minion wave consists of 4 melee, 4 range and a large minion, named a Warlord
When the large minion is killed he drops 1 soul, clearing all 4 melee minions rewards 1 soul and all 4 range minions 1 soul as well – effectively 3 souls per creepwave
Minions killed in the explosion of an Obelisk drop no souls!
Every second jungle camp rewards with a soul - as 50% may be "too random"
If not taken after 20 seconds a soul fades away – be quick!
Gods carrying 4 souls gain a "Haunted by Greed" debuff making them lose 5% of their current health per second and slowing them for 20%. Upon returning those souls, 50% of the health lost is returned. The debuff looks like a ghost attacking the god each second.
Gods can drop souls by pressing a key (X for example), for each time pressed a God drops 1 soul. Holding the button drops all souls
On each god's death, their team loses 4 souls. This doesn't apply for the first 5 minutes of the game!
On each Obelisk's destruction, their team loses 4 souls.

Soul Forge:

The Soul Forge acts as a Tower that cannot be destroyed
The Soul Forge has a huge attack range (the entire room) and its attacks have a small splash effect
Both teams start at 10 souls
The Soul Forge has a portal in front of it, for every small minion that enters it, a soul is lost. For every large minion 2 souls are lost. You can lose 10 souls per lane.
Souls can be stored in the Soul Forge either by standing next to it or to any of your team’s altars

Altars and Relics:

An altar is holding up to 15 souls, each time it is hit it loses a soul untill all souls are lost.
In the begining of the game, altars are empty
Altars have a team alignment
Every time a god carrying souls walks next to the altar, all souls he/she is carrying are stored
Every time a god stores souls into the altar, he/she will gain 7,5% health and 10% mana for each soul (up to 30% health and 40% mana for 4 souls)
Every soul in every altar provides 0,10 bonus gold each second (up to 1,5 gold per second)
Storing souls gives gold to the whole team. The more souls you store at once the bigger the gold bonus is: 10/30/50/70/90 (for 1/2/3/4/5 souls)
Allied altars give no vision

The boss:

Killing the boss on the center of the map instantly gives 5 souls to your Soul Forge, a large amount of Gold to everyone on your team and gives all of your creeps a temporary “fire weapon” buff that lasts for the next 3 waves – this can both be used defensively as a last resort or offensively


There is a fog of war across the whole map, the fog of war sight range is bigger then in Conquest's jungle
Upon capturing an Obelisk, you gain a very large area of vision on the respective section of the lane


You have an indicator showing the soul count of yours and yours enemy Soul Forge soul counts
When your god holds souls there is a "buff" that shows how much
If your god is holding 3 or more souls there is a large eye on top of him/her indicating that the enemy gods have vision of you

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